Monday, August 23, 2010

When the ego stoops down...

They need guts to be like that. They are so numb, so emotionless, so brash, and so inhuman. The way they talk gives me jitters, I feel like a candle in the wind. I’m talking about sarkari (government ) officials of my very own DELHI. That bank official on top of his voice shouted on me & my mother for forcing him to work. But, once my mother started, there was no looking back. When my mom bragged about complaining about his bad temperament to the higher authorities, his soul stumbled. I’m sure his heartbeat would have increased a thousand times.
Wow! It was a sight, the way he came running after us and requesting us. Hats off to my mom for teaching him a lesson. That’s what she does each day, after all she’s a teacher.

I am now so convinced that sarkari system is highly rotten in India. These babus must be sent bouquets with a flip card written on it –“Get well soon maamu”. I thank god, that I’m a humanitarian by nature and know the nuances of communication. The credit also goes to my Mass Communication degrees. I just wish deep inside that I don’t bump into such people.


  1. Unfortunately its true that our government officials are rotten from the bottom to the top. But there are also good and honest one but they can't function because of the other rotten ones..

    Wow! I admire your mom.. It's high time we should stand up!

  2. I agree..there are clean officials but they are hardly able to survive this corrupt India only whistleblowers are killed and the real whistleblowers (eve-teasers) are left open..sad but true!