Friday, August 20, 2010

That's the weigh! Ahaan Ahaan :)

Weighty issues always bother women. The size zero craze is fading aways, thank god! Kareena finally has cellulite on her thighs. The sight of cellulite on her legs has also attracted a lot of paparazzi, well any publcity is good they say. But the media juggles with an issue till is goes out of proportion, that's what happened with Kareena also. She has gone out of proportion, however, some might find her face equally chiseled and ready for closeup. Say Cheese! When her movie We are family, is slated for release next month, all iz well.
When gyming sessions become strenuous, you just want to binge on anything and everything. I wish I had a faster metabolism and didn't have the need to workout daily. God! Shilpa Shetty is so blessed, I envy her.

Fear of weighing machine, is the biggest phobia of sorts which maximum women suffer from. Those gruelling sessions in the gym just make you believe that you are a mindless ass of some farmvilla. But at the end of it, you just feel so relieved and refreshed, till the time the workout is painless...Woof! OOps its the gym time. All set to sweat it out, I wish we lived in the stone age and never bothered about appearances.   

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  1. Weight! It's been years i have been planning to hit the gym.. Waiting for the day when i'll have enough will power to do so! Size Zero, well i love women with curves!