Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MARS media

Well! This title is an innovation of an acquaintance of mine and I give full credit to him for inspiring me to scribble down a few words on the same. Media industry is progressing uncessantly, there's no stopping. New media..our very own web has culminated news into views; readers into visitors;stories into content. This age of cyber media has made us global and universal. So there's no harm in saying that within the next 20 yrs; there would be a segment of mass media called MARS MEDIA.

Imagining how Mars media would shape up, is a bit tricky. But imagination can take us too far. A possibility of connectivity with the other galaxies cannot be ruled out. Networking with the aliens...internet users in the other world. Planet mars could serve as an interface. Also the webmasters would have another gateway to look out for generating revenue. Seems extremely exciting. We can just wait and watch and probably work towards establishing it. I know I'm drifting away towards this ET world. This is extremely fascinating for me.

I certainly wish the time comes soon. and we all have some more exciting job opportunities open.

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