Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independence from Title-Body-End

I've been writing since ten years and have learnt the structure of writing quite well. However, I've not learnt it, I've dismissed it with all possible means. Flair for writing is what we are taught, but if there has to be a flair it ought to be free of all the guidelines. Inverted pyramid! That's what the lecturers used to tell each time while studying repoting. While something's on your mind do you actually think about erect or inverted pyramid? Still the cliche rules pass on in our books and transfer from one generation to another.

The boundaries set by some people tend to clinch us each time we write and we are time and again forced to write. Consequently, we see loads and loads of write ups with just brain drain not heart drain. I wish that soon we'd be free of this dependene on this structure and follow just our hearts and enter souls of the readers. This is time to be free of adamancy of writing style and celebrate independence. Create your own style and recite your creativity on this 63rd independence day. Wishing all Indians across the globe.


  1. After reading ur blog, My friendly advice to u start writing a book ...U could become great novlist .nice post ..keep goin..

  2. Well...thanx..i m quite flattered..Wish that days isnt far :)