Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are we really returning to our roots?

I read an article in a magazine, saying that the young generation is going back to its roots, but is it realy so? Well I completely differ with this viewpoint, its just the appearance that is deceiving. The young brides loudly accomplish their marrital status, but at the end of the day they drink and party hard, which is an influence of the west.
Where SlumDog Millionaire grabs maximum Oscars for portraying Poor India, the same Hollywood accepts India as a traditional travel haven. Lets see, wait and watch!
Sari--India's national female attire has become the talk of the town because the Hollywood actresses have started endorsing it. It's hard hitting but we Indian are just followers and not trend setters. From high heels, denims, continental cuisine, exotic travelling locales, we are just mere trails. I wonder when the Time magazine has the maximum number of the South Asians in it. The biasness it truely existent and a huge gap has to be mended. But my eyes would be guled to that moment of accomplishment for our people who would be the leaders.
We would return to our roots when the brain drain stops and maximum youth plans to stay back and work for the nation. It is a sentimental thought but we only embraced our tradition superficially, it is not deeply rooted inside us.


  1. I have to agree that the younger Indian Generation is head towards the roots and its an awesome thing. BTW, great blog you got here

  2. Thanx for appreciating it...n being the first one to comment..