Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Faking glory of World Cup

Victory never comes easy. When will these bureaucrats understand this? Team India's sweat and soul was drained to win the clutch the crowing glory in their hands. It was truly a moment of a lifetime not only for those 11 players but also for the 1.2 billion, no, 1.21 billion (according to new census counting) people in India. The golden trophy was a replica and the real world cup was with customs, made me go red in anger. ICC got 45 crore tax exemption and cold not pay 22 lakhs as custom duty, bought shame to our own Sharad Pawar. Hats off to this person! ICC earns 200 crore a year and doesn't have a heart for 22 lakh? This is what cheap politics is all about.

Thank God its India who won the World Cup 2011, if it would have been Sri Lanka, this instance would have bought criticism from across the world and international media also. I wish our politicians get well soon and not get swept away in money. While I wish our 'Men in Blue' all the luck for their individual performances at the IPL this season. Personally, I would not have liked to see Team India split into different teams, but all fair in war. So, I am looking forward to the clash of the titans.