Monday, August 23, 2010

When the ego stoops down...

They need guts to be like that. They are so numb, so emotionless, so brash, and so inhuman. The way they talk gives me jitters, I feel like a candle in the wind. I’m talking about sarkari (government ) officials of my very own DELHI. That bank official on top of his voice shouted on me & my mother for forcing him to work. But, once my mother started, there was no looking back. When my mom bragged about complaining about his bad temperament to the higher authorities, his soul stumbled. I’m sure his heartbeat would have increased a thousand times.
Wow! It was a sight, the way he came running after us and requesting us. Hats off to my mom for teaching him a lesson. That’s what she does each day, after all she’s a teacher.

I am now so convinced that sarkari system is highly rotten in India. These babus must be sent bouquets with a flip card written on it –“Get well soon maamu”. I thank god, that I’m a humanitarian by nature and know the nuances of communication. The credit also goes to my Mass Communication degrees. I just wish deep inside that I don’t bump into such people.

Friday, August 20, 2010

That's the weigh! Ahaan Ahaan :)

Weighty issues always bother women. The size zero craze is fading aways, thank god! Kareena finally has cellulite on her thighs. The sight of cellulite on her legs has also attracted a lot of paparazzi, well any publcity is good they say. But the media juggles with an issue till is goes out of proportion, that's what happened with Kareena also. She has gone out of proportion, however, some might find her face equally chiseled and ready for closeup. Say Cheese! When her movie We are family, is slated for release next month, all iz well.
When gyming sessions become strenuous, you just want to binge on anything and everything. I wish I had a faster metabolism and didn't have the need to workout daily. God! Shilpa Shetty is so blessed, I envy her.

Fear of weighing machine, is the biggest phobia of sorts which maximum women suffer from. Those gruelling sessions in the gym just make you believe that you are a mindless ass of some farmvilla. But at the end of it, you just feel so relieved and refreshed, till the time the workout is painless...Woof! OOps its the gym time. All set to sweat it out, I wish we lived in the stone age and never bothered about appearances.   

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pick and run case

Today a friend excitedly told me that he helped one of his distant relative in marrying a girl. He elaborated that they picked up the girl from her home, helped her run away and then went to the temple for fulfilling the rituals of a Hindu marriage. It was a complete shock and awe situation. I had hardly imagined that it would be so adventurous and dangerous.The times have changed so rapidly and people take pride in doing socially unacceptable stuff. 
Believing this incident took time to sink in, but later I realised that I have to accept it. Even the small 10 yr old boy was a spectator to the whole drama and talked about this pick, run and marry incident. Elated he was to realise that he helped two lovers meet and settle down. But I pity those parents who expose their children to such social malpractices and remain unaware of this.

Yes! I do agree love has no boundations and true love is blind but it should only be left to lovers to sort out the matter. Why do people poke their nose into such personal and private decisions? Well, I must say we have always been brought up peeping into lives of others..God knows when this attitude will change. I feel that we should concentrate better on our lives than interfering in other's.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MARS media

Well! This title is an innovation of an acquaintance of mine and I give full credit to him for inspiring me to scribble down a few words on the same. Media industry is progressing uncessantly, there's no stopping. New media..our very own web has culminated news into views; readers into visitors;stories into content. This age of cyber media has made us global and universal. So there's no harm in saying that within the next 20 yrs; there would be a segment of mass media called MARS MEDIA.

Imagining how Mars media would shape up, is a bit tricky. But imagination can take us too far. A possibility of connectivity with the other galaxies cannot be ruled out. Networking with the aliens...internet users in the other world. Planet mars could serve as an interface. Also the webmasters would have another gateway to look out for generating revenue. Seems extremely exciting. We can just wait and watch and probably work towards establishing it. I know I'm drifting away towards this ET world. This is extremely fascinating for me.

I certainly wish the time comes soon. and we all have some more exciting job opportunities open.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independence from Title-Body-End

I've been writing since ten years and have learnt the structure of writing quite well. However, I've not learnt it, I've dismissed it with all possible means. Flair for writing is what we are taught, but if there has to be a flair it ought to be free of all the guidelines. Inverted pyramid! That's what the lecturers used to tell each time while studying repoting. While something's on your mind do you actually think about erect or inverted pyramid? Still the cliche rules pass on in our books and transfer from one generation to another.

The boundaries set by some people tend to clinch us each time we write and we are time and again forced to write. Consequently, we see loads and loads of write ups with just brain drain not heart drain. I wish that soon we'd be free of this dependene on this structure and follow just our hearts and enter souls of the readers. This is time to be free of adamancy of writing style and celebrate independence. Create your own style and recite your creativity on this 63rd independence day. Wishing all Indians across the globe.

Are we really returning to our roots?

I read an article in a magazine, saying that the young generation is going back to its roots, but is it realy so? Well I completely differ with this viewpoint, its just the appearance that is deceiving. The young brides loudly accomplish their marrital status, but at the end of the day they drink and party hard, which is an influence of the west.
Where SlumDog Millionaire grabs maximum Oscars for portraying Poor India, the same Hollywood accepts India as a traditional travel haven. Lets see, wait and watch!
Sari--India's national female attire has become the talk of the town because the Hollywood actresses have started endorsing it. It's hard hitting but we Indian are just followers and not trend setters. From high heels, denims, continental cuisine, exotic travelling locales, we are just mere trails. I wonder when the Time magazine has the maximum number of the South Asians in it. The biasness it truely existent and a huge gap has to be mended. But my eyes would be guled to that moment of accomplishment for our people who would be the leaders.
We would return to our roots when the brain drain stops and maximum youth plans to stay back and work for the nation. It is a sentimental thought but we only embraced our tradition superficially, it is not deeply rooted inside us.