Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pick and run case

Today a friend excitedly told me that he helped one of his distant relative in marrying a girl. He elaborated that they picked up the girl from her home, helped her run away and then went to the temple for fulfilling the rituals of a Hindu marriage. It was a complete shock and awe situation. I had hardly imagined that it would be so adventurous and dangerous.The times have changed so rapidly and people take pride in doing socially unacceptable stuff. 
Believing this incident took time to sink in, but later I realised that I have to accept it. Even the small 10 yr old boy was a spectator to the whole drama and talked about this pick, run and marry incident. Elated he was to realise that he helped two lovers meet and settle down. But I pity those parents who expose their children to such social malpractices and remain unaware of this.

Yes! I do agree love has no boundations and true love is blind but it should only be left to lovers to sort out the matter. Why do people poke their nose into such personal and private decisions? Well, I must say we have always been brought up peeping into lives of others..God knows when this attitude will change. I feel that we should concentrate better on our lives than interfering in other's.

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