Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Connecting to the real world

It was a deliberate break from the web world not because I didn’t have an access rather I wanted to feel the missing link in my life. Two days I was cut off from the cyberspace but couldn’t manage to stay away from my phone. I sensed the real people around me instead of the virtual ones. My life was so much simpler and uncomplicated during my school days. But, now it is tangled around the NET. It was a holiday from the daily routine of sitting for hours in front of the PC till the eyes water.

 Yes! This break was truly refreshing. I realised that I have this spontaneous urge to go back and switch on the system but to hold it back and make myself busy offline was a task in itself. Self-control is a real lesson learnt from this voluntary exercise. My parents had always been sceptical about this whole computer scenario ruling the society by a storm but I was always positive about it as I felt I reunited and reconnected people. But, it disconnected me from the real world, it is more important to value the live people around you and not bother about the people thousand miles away.

I would certainly take such mini breaks from the internet and meditate about my life offline. It is difficult but satisfactory experience.

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