Friday, September 24, 2010

Volun-‘Tearing’ at CWG 2010

October was supposed to be a month of cash inflow, but it seems the flow is just there in the Yamuna River. Around February, many of my friends were lured by the money they would get to sweat out in Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi. They had pre-planned their disposal of that petty amount in shopping and savings, but to their surprise and shock, they are only a part of the un-paid staff. Well afterall, ‘volunteer’ means a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task, according to Oxford Dictionary. So, the organizers are just referring to their dictionary to save themselves from being screwed once again.
All plans swept, all tears shed but these volunteers are left with no choice but to exert themselves in the venues. Long training hours, a huge manual and unlisted rules and regulations – they have to keep in mind all of it. In return of the hectic schedule, they’ll just get awarded a certificate—I hope my friends don’t have to wait for years to get the piece of paper. They get a travel allowance, thank you OC – Organising Committee. Free travel in the DTC buses and reimbursement of metro fare, finally they get something in return.  
Being at CWG doesn’t mean they are safe and sound. You never know when the next ceiling will fall down. Assurance regarding the security is what I expect atleast. I would have been happier, if my friends would have been promised their due. After all volunteering is not easy; the work is equivalent to the paid staff.
Disappointment is at its peak this time. Any lapse in the politics was earlier sorted out internally or we dealt with it somehow or forget it. But, this time the height of distress is unparallel and has gone above the danger mark. I know I’m being rude but I never wished to see my country in a light of disgust and anguish around the globe. My dear politicians would never learn a lesson of honesty and humanity. There is a saying ‘Beggars are not the choosers’ but in India, ‘Beggars are the choosers’. The poor decides the Government because most of us enjoy this 'Voting holiday'.

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