Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Turning Brains

Born and bought up in corruption, bureaucracy, dishonesty, and all similar synonyms. All philosophies and idealistic thoughts flush at once when you face the world. The society teaches to you to only disown your ideals. Your expectations take a beating when you see the cruel, bad world trying to smother you at once. These Commomnwealth Games around the corner have unearthed such broken links and made us realize the foundation of our upbringing. Parents try their best to save their children from the unhealthy elements but one day we have to deal with it on our face. CWG have openly taught us to be dishonest to work. Money is God for all the officials, but God still exists. Money can’t buy God, thus here it is- rain, rain come again.

Hoping against the hope, does this work? I don’t hope that the Games would be a success, I just hope that the money minting legacy people leave behind doesn’t stay like a hole in the heart. There should have been a surgery which could remove corruption from their minds forever. Yes! I believe I’m being swept away by the feeling of country’s welfare. I agree I’m talking something out of the world, but Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Like in that movie, I sincerely hope there is a doctor who could remove that part of the memory which deals with corruption. I don’t want politics to be Pollute-Ticks, these ticks stick to the nation and the youth must be doctored to remove them. We must be brilliant at making this nation the best.

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  1. Corruption and greed is the main foundation that our country is standing right now. Money is God to them. Am scared that one day our country will lost in this black hole called Money.

    The worse part is if the some thing goes wrong with the CWG and if the government does not generate enough money then it will be us who will be paying the debt!