Wednesday, September 8, 2010


People are falling in love with their work. They are dying to go to their workplace each morning. They wait eagerly for their clock to strike nine in the morning. Isn’t this odd? No, it’s not. Professionals are falling in love at their workplaces, obviously not with their work but the working people around.

Hectic hours of organisations leave no time for personal grooming and expanding the social circle. Professionals find it easier to find their match at their office only. They feel it’s better to have a life partner who understands the demands of the field of work. Each person tries to avoid interference and wants personal space also called ‘ME time’. Mind rules the heart and thus, most people choose their partners radically. Practicality of a relationship has become more important than the feeling of togetherness or love.

Spouses at the same workplace however, sometimes find it difficult to cope with the situation. Demands increase which might lead to suffoctaion of desires at home and workplace. Social obligation also force them to be around each other else people suspect a foul play in the relationship. This doesn’t allow them to widen their social circle and they remain stuck with their spouses, whether at the time of lunch or any office outing. Even friendly talks with a colleague of opposite sex might induce unwarranted suspicion. Many couples also feel a lack of spark in their personal lives as they don’t have anything to share as they are around each other the whole day. Seeing the same person 24*7 also surfaces boredom.

There are couples who are able to survive all these pressures and challenges. Some partners understand each other quite well and cope with the situation brilliantly. It is rightly said that marriage is a sacred union of two souls and understanding each other keeps alive this heavenly relationship.

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