Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Newspapers induce fear in the society

Lately, I've realised that newspapers are such a big turn off. News only means reports on scams, robberies, murders and rapes. The content is full of annoyance and negativity. I know it is the duty of the reporters to inform, educate and spread awareness among the people but what actually spreads is FEAR. We all are afraid to die and thats natural but this thought boggles the common man as soon as one steps out of the house. Well that doesn't mean that we are safe in our house!

The newspaper which used to compliment the breakfast earlier, has now become indigestible. To top this negativity the number of pages is increasing because there is so much to scare people. I prefer scanning advertisements in the newspaper than to pay heed on that annoying stuff. Newspaper supplements offer no respite as the gossip of the B Town rules the content.

I wish the gatekeepers of these newspaper get to know about the impact of the news content on society. I'm waiting dearly for some positive news that could bring a smile on my face someday. Yes! the cartoon section Dubyaman can help me.

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